GFC EVOScrew: Elevating Timber-to-Metal Fastening to new Heights

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In the dynamic world of construction, where efficiency, strength, and reliability are non-negotiable, enter the GFC’s EVOScrew —the self-drilling, winged fast fixing screw designed to revolutionize the process of fastening timber to metal substructures.

With its unique features, corrosion-resistant RUSPERT® coating, and diverse applications, it sets a new standard for timber-to-metal fastening. Safer, stronger, and faster—GFC’s EVOScrew is not just a screw; it’s a leap forward in the evolution of construction fastening.


✔ 20 times faster than

✔ Safer, stronger & faster

✔ Corrosion Resistant

✔ 1,000 hours salt spray tested

✔ Ruspert® Coating

✔ High bearing load

The triple promise of safety, strength, and speed encapsulates the essence of GFC EVOScrew. Its design is engineered to streamline the fastening process without compromising on the safety or structural integrity of the project.

Achieving precision in fastening is a hallmark of GFC EVOScrew. The innovative design ensures optimum centering, eliminating the need for adjustments and fine-tuning during installation. This translates to time savings and enhanced accuracy on the job.

The wings of GFC EVOScrew serve a dual purpose—providing crucial clearance to prevent separation of the fastened timber from the base material. This feature ensures a secure and enduring connection between the two elements.

The wings of the screw go beyond preventing separation; they also play a pivotal role in preventing force feeding of the screw. By drilling out the timber efficiently, the wings contribute to a smoother and controlled fastening process.

GFC EVOScrew takes precision to the next level with wings that break off upon contact with the metal substructure. This controlled breakage ensures a seamless transition from timber to metal, eliminating any potential disruptions in the fastening process.

GFC Winged Wafer doesn’t just fasten; it bears loads with remarkable strength. The design and materials used contribute to a high bearing load capacity, making it a reliable choice for applications that demand robust structural connections.

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PROJAHN specialise in tungsten-tip carbide drilling. Their ROCKET 5 SDS drill bits new and improved 5 cutter technology is setting new standards for drilling, in terms of speed and quality.

PROJAHN consistently produces high-quality and superior drilling products.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with PROJAHN is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality drilling products that are PGM approved for setting GFC’s range of high-quality, ETA approved anchors.

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TECFI is a proud Italian owned and operated fixings and fasteners company that was first founded in 1997. TECFI are a leading manufacturer that specialise in the design, production of fixing systems.

Over the past 20+ years TECFI has been working hard to successfully undertake and achieve the European Technical Approval (ETA-CE) for their seismic C1 and C2 certified products.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with TECFI is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality tested and certified concrete anchors.

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CELO maintains a very strong international presence across multiple continents with a wide range of logistic centers and manufacturing plants in Spain. Germany, China and the USA.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with CELO is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality fixing systems.

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