GFC FastFix™ Concrete Screws: Unleashing Innovation in Fastening Solutions

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Introducing GFC FastFix™ – Countersunk (Torx Drive) and Hex head concrete screws, a revolutionary product designed to redefine your approach to fastening. GFC FastFix™ embodies the pinnacle of innovation in fastening solutions and is a game-changer in the world of concrete screws.

✔ Drill it, Drive it. Done!

✔ Replaces pin & charge

✔ Corrosion Resistant

✔ 1,000 hours salt spray tested

✔ Blue Ruspert® Coating

✔ Superior holding strength

✔ Removable

GFC FastFix™ is engineered to meet the diverse needs of construction professionals across various industries. Its applications span from timber strapping to temporary fixing, formwork, and bracing. Whether you’re fixing into concrete, brick, block, or timber, GFC FastFix™ emerges as the go-to solution for a multitude of fastening challenges.

The advantages of GFC FastFix™ extend seamlessly into the realms of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing installations. Its superior holding strength, coupled with the innovative RUSPERT® corrosion-resistant carbon steel coating, ensures a long-lasting performance even in the most demanding environments. With a remarkable 1,000 hours of salt spray test endurance, you can trust GFC FastFix™ to stand the test of time.

The TX30 Torx Drive doesn’t just make setting easier; it ensures a stronger grab, enhancing the overall stability of your fastening applications. This attention to detail in design is what sets GFC FastFix™ apart from traditional concrete screws, delivering a level of performance that professionals can rely on – ensuring your projects are not just built but built to last.

GFC FastFix™ doesn’t just offer a strong grip; it provides flexibility too. The screws are easily removable, allowing for adjustments and modifications as needed. This feature, combined with the overall reliability of the product, makes GFC FastFix™ a versatile choice for dynamic construction projects.

GFC FastFix™ simplifies the fastening process: Drill It. Drive It. Done! The unique design featuring a patented thread ensures high performance, making the installation process swift and efficient. Its non-expansion functioning minimizes the risk of damage to the base material, providing a secure and reliable fastening solution.

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Professional | Durable | Powerful

Based in Germany – PROJAHN SDS Plus & SDS Max drill bits.

PROJAHN specialise in tungsten-tip carbide drilling. Their ROCKET 5 SDS drill bits new and improved 5 cutter technology is setting new standards for drilling, in terms of speed and quality.

PROJAHN consistently produces high-quality and superior drilling products.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with PROJAHN is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality drilling products that are PGM approved for setting GFC’s range of high-quality, ETA approved anchors.

Cutting-edge | Reliable | Sustainable

TECFI is a proud Italian owned and operated fixings and fasteners company that was first founded in 1997. TECFI are a leading manufacturer that specialise in the design, production of fixing systems.

Over the past 20+ years TECFI has been working hard to successfully undertake and achieve the European Technical Approval (ETA-CE) for their seismic C1 and C2 certified products.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with TECFI is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality tested and certified concrete anchors.

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CELO are an innovative, global manufacturer in the construction industry that has dedicated their purpose to the design and production of high-quality fixing solutions. 

Founded in Spain in 1963, CELO was originally established as family business however in the most recent 20 years has expanded to now an international group of companies that continue to dedicate their work to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality technical fixings. 

CELO maintains a very strong international presence across multiple continents with a wide range of logistic centers and manufacturing plants in Spain. Germany, China and the USA.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with CELO is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality fixing systems.

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