Introducing GFC Pure Epoxy PE600™ – ETA Seismic Certified Chemical Anchor

ETA Certified – In stock – All supporting technical data available here.

GFC’s Pure Epoxy PE600™ Seismic Certified Chemical Anchor is making waves in the ever-evolving New Zealand construction and engineering industry. Surpassing industry standards, this high-performance solution offers an innovative approach to anchor applications. Meticulously designed with a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency.

✔ 100 year approved design life

✔ ETA Seismic C1 & C2 Certified

✔ For Rebar & Threaded Rod

✔ Fire Rated R120

✔ Static & Quasi Static Loads

✔ Replaces RE-500 & RE-100

✔ Replaces Epcon C8 & C6


GFC PE600™ stands out as a seismic-certified chemical anchor, specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of Seismic Design Category C1 & C2. Its ability to withstand static and quasi-static loads positions it as a reliable choice for projects in earthquake-prone regions.

The formulation of GFC PE600™ considers the distinct conditions of New Zealand’s environment, offering easy and reliable installation. This ensures that the product maintains its integrity and performance even in the face of challenges posed by the local climate and geology.

One of the key strengths of GFC PE600™ lies in its versatility. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including structural concrete and steel connections, safety barriers, parapets, and post-installed reinforcement bars for various elements such as beams, columns, foundations, slabs, walls, and floors.

PE600™ excels in adverse conditions, including oversized hole diameters and damp or flooded environments. Its low slump makes it ideal for horizontal and overhead installations, providing a solution for situations where other anchors might fall short.

GFC PE600™ extended working time caters to the needs of deep and large-diameter holes. Additionally, the formulation contributes to an extended nozzle life, ensuring efficiency and ease of use for installers.

GFC takes a proactive approach to sustainability. GFC accepts used cartridges for recycling, promoting environmental responsibility. Moreover, the use of electric delivery vehicles directly to the site reduces carbon emissions, aligning with the global push for eco-friendly practices.

GFC PE600™ adheres to various industry standards, including being WRAS approved for use with potable drinking water. It has also been LEED tested and boasts a VOC A+ rating (Volatile Organic Content), demonstrating its commitment to meeting and exceeding environmental benchmarks.

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Based in Germany – PROJAHN SDS Plus & SDS Max drill bits.

PROJAHN specialise in tungsten-tip carbide drilling. Their ROCKET 5 SDS drill bits new and improved 5 cutter technology is setting new standards for drilling, in terms of speed and quality.

PROJAHN consistently produces high-quality and superior drilling products.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with PROJAHN is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality drilling products that are PGM approved for setting GFC’s range of high-quality, ETA approved anchors.

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TECFI is a proud Italian owned and operated fixings and fasteners company that was first founded in 1997. TECFI are a leading manufacturer that specialise in the design, production of fixing systems.

Over the past 20+ years TECFI has been working hard to successfully undertake and achieve the European Technical Approval (ETA-CE) for their seismic C1 and C2 certified products.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with TECFI is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality tested and certified concrete anchors.

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CELO are an innovative, global manufacturer in the construction industry that has dedicated their purpose to the design and production of high-quality fixing solutions. 

Founded in Spain in 1963, CELO was originally established as family business however in the most recent 20 years has expanded to now an international group of companies that continue to dedicate their work to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality technical fixings. 

CELO maintains a very strong international presence across multiple continents with a wide range of logistic centers and manufacturing plants in Spain. Germany, China and the USA.

At GFC we believe that our partnership with CELO is vital in ensuring that our customers have all round access to a range of high-quality fixing systems.

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